Wood Plastic Composite - Street Furniture

WPC is an environmentally friendly wood and plastic mix (or composite) which contains recycled premium wood shavings, high quality recycled plastic. WPC embodies both the good qualities of wood and plastic combined.

Benefits of WPC over using traditional timber

  • Maintenance Free - No painting staining or sealing required
  • Easy to handle - can be molded to into any shape to suit installation
  • Safe to install - No splinters, cupping or warping out of shape
  • Environmentally friendly - Reduces deforestation through use of recycled timber and plastic
  • Bug Resistant - To termites and white ants
  • Fungal Rot Resistant – Is not susceptible to fungal rot and decay
  • Low water absorption – Naturally low water absorption, ideal for external environments
  • UV Resistant– Contains UV additives, ideal for external environments
  • Low heat absorption and retention
  • Download wood plastic composite products pdf specifications

    Download wood plastic composite products pdf full catalogue

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